Meet some of the key staff:

Mic Mell, Operations Manager

Mic strives to enrich people’s lives any way he can.  Whether through his music, his coaching, or his writing, Mic is always grateful that people are listening, and considers it an honor and a privilege to have a voice.
He spent his 20s as a professional musician, recording, releasing, touring, promoting, and learning.  He co-founded Nophi Recordings and Polyvibe, co-curated Orlando’s infamous EZRPM concert series, founded the Future Funk Collective, toured the U.S. with Rising Lion, shared bills with the Solillaquists of Sound, Machinedrum, and many others, and gigged and recorded with hundreds of musicians.

In his 30s, he took an abrupt change in direction, and spent almost a decade immersing himself in mastering the art of coaching, taking a broader approach to funneling his creative energies.  He has worked with thousands of clients in various lanes of media and entertainment, non-profit organizations, fashion, technology, education, health and wellness, construction and landscaping, and countless others.

And then, the day after his 38th birthday, everything changed.  Music, the sweet life force that drove him through life (and gave him the spelling of his name) roared within him again.  “I realized that the only way I could continue coaching people was if I dedicated my life to my art, and dedicated myself to my craft with the same passion and discipline I ask of others,” Mic said.

Mic’s love of the music business is his true passion, and he works with artists to develop professionalism, audience appeal, and compelling branding.

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Annette Johnson, Brand Manager

After graduating high school in Miami, Florida, Annette attended Florida State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with minors in Journalism and Psychology. She later went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Journalism at Florida International University while taking classes at the University of Miami. While in Florida, she hosted cable and PBS television specials.

Annette Johnson AllwriteOnce she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, Annette began a promising career in print journalism as a reporter and editor, including a post as editor-in-chief of the Atlanta Business Journal. She taught communication and journalism courses at both Atlanta Metropolitan College and at Georgia State University, where she was a favorite among students and received various teaching honors, including becoming a candidate for the National Collegiate Scholar Faculty of the Year. Based on a childhood dream, literally written in a journal, Annette launched Allwrite Advertising and Publishing in 1995. The company began full-scale operations in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2003 and has published several critically-acclaimed and commercially successful books while ultimately launching a national magazine, HERS, in June 2014. The magazine has been featured on Bravo’s Married to Medicine and highlighted among prominent female professionals.

A poignant editorial writer and columnist, Annette retains her literary edge while writing guest columns for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, screenplays, and her own books, including “What’s Your Motivation?” In the world of entertainment, she is the president of Artist Quotient, a brand she specifically launched to develop artists’ public appeal. Through AQ, she has developed TV shows and events centered around musicians and singers. She most recently, in 2015, became the communications director for the Georgia Music Industry Association.

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