What do you need to succeed now?

Most everyone has the ability to “do-it-yourself,” but the results will typically look homemade or amateurish to those executives, or gatekeepers, who provide outlets and opportunities to artists. Talented people are too often rejected because they lack a proper presentation is disappointing, to say the least. Artist Quotient solves this issue. We develop a professional public appeal for artists by providing everything from marketing materials to artist/product development.

Hers magazineWe offer the following professional services:

  • Brand Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website and Mobile Design
  • EPK Production
  • Career Management
  • Publicity and Promotions
  • Publishing Administration
  • Project and Event Creation
  • Videography and Photography



Do you need special training, image consulting, career direction or improved production?

AQ provides and supports the development and growth of client talent. We offer services that connect, expand, and sustain artists’ careers with native and foreign cultures.


​Do you need greater exposure or maybe you simply don't know how to best use online promotional tools?

AQ leverages its diverse experience, creativity, and partnerships to offer a variety of services to present optimal connections and exposure to our clients’ target audience.  We conceptualize, implement, and support client brands with effective publicity and promotions.


​Do you need competent, responsible representation?

We work with all levels and kinds of artists (musicians, comedians, actors, etc.). However, every AQ client must have at least one or all these qualities:
• Talented
• Interesting
• Entertaining
• Marketable


​Do you need more or new outlets to expose your talent? Maybe even internationally...

AQ specializes in finding the right solution for artists and event organizers. We negotiate deals that are in the best interest of both parties. We book both signed and independent artists who meet our criteria. All our talent is promoted for domestic and international bookings.

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