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Artist Quotient (AQ) develops, guides and promotes clients to promising projects and opportunities that further their careers.​ We work with artists and entertainers across the spectrum of their careers, including former stars, rising stars and current stars. While we provide some standard promotional and marketing vehicles, our specialty lies in customized distinctive opportunities and unique markets.

For our clients, AQ functions to:

  • Develop their unique craft, message or brand to a truly professional, marketable level
  • Expand their notoriety through media exposure, social media or other complementary channels
  • Promote them locally and abroad
  • Establish corresponding opportunities that will generate new streams of income and publicity
  • Provide career advisement and management if necessary

For our partners, AQ functions to:​

  • ​Expose sponsor message, products and/or services to targeted audiences
  • Employ artists to promote sponsor or brand awareness
  • Seek additional, perhaps customized, opportunities for further brand awareness
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