Develop Talent
AQ provides support for the development and growth of talent. We offer services that connect, expand, and sustain artists’ careers with native and foreign audiences.
Guide Marketing
AQ leverages its diverse experience, creativity, and partnerships to offer a variety of services to present optimal connections and exposure to our clients’ target audience. We conceptualize, implement, and support client brands, publicity and promotions.
AQ develops and maintains a growing network of partners to help offer targeted opportunities for our clients. We are continually expanding our global network to provide even greater opportunities for clients.

Artist Quotient specializes in finding the right solution for artists of all kinds (musicians, actors, painters, etc.). AQ’s central focus is on branding artists such that they can gain greater and/or more targeted opportunities both within and beyond their current industries. Our job is either to find complementary projects or create them if necessary.

Promotional Tools
Make moments last forever or at least make sure they remember you by focusing on establishing a memorable brand.
Tailored Solutions
Most everyone has the ability to “do-it-yourself,” but the results will typically look homemade or amateurish to those executives, or gatekeepers, who provide outlets and opportunities to artists.
Brand Building
Are you truly unique or are you trying to build your brand based on another artist who you like and/or respect?
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